The AOGsmart app is a unique and advanced online collaborative marketplace – it is cloud based, quick and simple to use, accessible from any location or device and does not require software installation. Essentially, it is an advanced communication platform that connects a large number of multi-tier supplier networks, enabling airlines, MROs, suppliers, OEMs and distributors to acquire and provide live resource support efficiently across all permutations of unscheduled part support requirements. Using the tool brings huge cost and time savings.

At AOGsmart, we’re passionate about using technology to improve the speed and efficiency of an AOG situation. We recognise that it is one of the most challenging problems your operation faces. On the AOGsmart blog, we’ll be looking at some interesting trends and how they could impact our industry in the future, as well as tips on how to use the AOGsmart app to solve AOG situations faster and more cost effectively.

The AOGsmart app is currently in a redevelopment phase whilst we optimise the tool in order to bring you the very best AOG solutions. Sign up to our email newsletter at www.aogsmart.com and follow our regularly updated blog to read our thoughts on the AOG industry.




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